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How to Improve Your Voice Messages (Infographic).

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Voice broadcasting continues to be a viable option for businesses that need to send the same message on a mass scale.

This tool is commonly used in promotional or publicity campaigns to inform customers of new products and services or upcoming events. It can be tailored to different strategies and be used in conjunction with other communication channels.

To draw up the perfect strategy, it’s important to determine a target audience and the type of content to be distributed, which may refer to:

  • Exclusive offers
  • Special events
  • Payment reminders
  • Season discounts
  • Advertisements

The following infographic includes four handy tips for designing voice broadcasting campaigns.

Reminder by Nuxiba is a voice broadcasting platform that features the technology you need to develop and conduct successful campaigns. Thanks to its set of powerful tools, you’ll be able to send SMS and voice messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients within minutes and retrieve accurate reports about your operation.

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Nuxiba is a technology company with more than 20 years of experience in software engineering. Our main goal is to improve the daily operation of contact centers around the world. Trusted by hundreds of clients, we conduct businesses in North and Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Committed to provide high-quality services for your company, we develop reliable, adaptable, user-friendly, and feature-rich platforms to deliver the best user experience available along with secure and stable resources for operation improvement.

Our team of professionals is ready to provide your company with a tailored solution. Let us exceed your expectations at Nuxiba Technologies.

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