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Improving your Telephone Survey Scores is not Impossible

Discover How to Improve your Telephone Survey Ratings

Satisfaction surveys are very important for every company since they can measure the quality, efficiency, and security they provide to customers when they contact the company.
This research method has become in recent times a vital tool to gain customer loyalty, as it helps companies to detect areas for improvement.

5 reasons to conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Prevent your customers from abandoning you
  • Improve brand experience
  • Achieve a positive brand image
  • Get loyal customers
  • Stand out from your competition

Nowadays there are many companies that evaluate customer satisfaction through these satisfaction surveys, so that, not properly addressing the negative results of these surveys can be one of the biggest mistakes a company can make.

Improve your satisfaction survey results.

Here are 3 simple tips to improve your satisfaction surveys:

  • Consistency in each of your customer service channels.

One of the main problems faced by a Contact Center in the management, acquisition, or customer service is the difficulty to offer a consistent treatment in the different channels through which your customers can access it.
When your company has contact with its customers through your website, your social networks, your email campaigns, and your call center services, it is essential to offer a single line when responding to their demands. Otherwise, you run the risk of your customers getting the feeling that depending on which channel they contact your company, they are dealing with a different company.
Therefore, laying the foundations for managing all the sales processes of your products or services adapted to the different channels you offer to your customers is an extremely important requirement.

The customer must always be the number one priority

Customers must feel supported and protected by customer services. Each customer must receive the attention he/she deserves so that this can be translated in the future into a renewal of the services he contracts, or in a purchase of another of the products that your company offers.

Therefore, one of the essential training your agents must receive is to see the customer as a person.

To treat everyone with humility, willingness to solve their problems, and empathy when it comes to understanding their needs.

It is important that customers feel appreciated, important and unique.

  • Fair treatment.

Of course, satisfied customers are important, but remember that we always learn much more from those who are not. Those annoyed customers can share a negative comment about your products or services.

This can lead to more unhappy customers commenting in the same way, affecting of course the company’s image.
Therefore, offering equal treatment to each customer regardless of their demands or situation is essential to provide the best service.

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