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How SMS Messages Improve Your Sales Strategy

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With the advent of instant messaging, the use of SMS has diminished gradually. However, this doesn’t mean that text messages have completely disappeared or become irrelevant to business strategies.

Regardless of the sector they work in, companies can improve their sales strategy with the aid of technology. Even though the popularity of digital media is increasing steadily, SMS messages continue to be an excellent option for advertising and commercial purposes.

For instance, many companies text both potential and repeat customers to inform them about their special offers, season discounts, exclusive deals, or even promotional codes.

This article discusses 5 characteristics of SMS messages that prove useful for any sales strategy.

1.- They provide for close and direct contact.

SMS messages are received in people’s mobile phones at any time even if they’re not connected to the Internet. This means you can communicate with your customers without using an additional application or a given operating system.

Also, is a best practice to add a link to a website in the text to direct recipients to a landing page and generate leads.

2.- Not invasive means.

Getting unsolicited messages from a company via WhatsApp or social networks can be awkward for some people. In such cases, messages are an invasion of privacy because they’re sent to platforms where people’s personal information and profile are managed. On the other hand, SMS is a more neutral kind of communication where recipients don’t feel like their personal data is being compromised and are more likely to read the messages, or even forward them to others if they include a promotional code or coupon.

3.- They increase contact rates.

In contrast to email, SMS messages are not considered SPAM. Therefore, they’re more effective and reliable, especially when sending notifications about one-time or limited-time offers. Another advantage of these messages is they can communicate value propositions to recipients and disseminate information in a concise but clear way, using only 160 characters

4.- They’re immediate.

Texts are delivered almost immediately and read within 3 minutes of being sent. Given that it’s a fact that they’re received and seen in next to no time, they’re suitable for limited-time sales or customer loyalty campaigns.

5.- They’re measurable and reliable.  

In order for marketing strategies to be successful, it’s necessary to keep close control of results and measure progress. Monitor all the activities to assess their effectiveness. 

Reminder by Nuxiba enables you to keep track of all your voice broadcasting and bulk SMS campaigns. Its accurate, real-time analytics help you identify the progress and outcome of your operations with great ease.


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