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How Contact Center Outsourcing Services Improve Sales

Como mejoran las ventas mi centro de contacto

According to Deloitte’s Global Contact Center Survey, among the three main activities of contact centers and BPO service providers, customer service comes in the first place, followed closely by telephone-based sales, which continue to be a good option for creating a market for products.

Nowadays, many companies decide to outsource part of their operation to contact centers so as to have additional sales channels and cut operating costs, whereas others choose to set up their own contact centers to streamline in-house processes for customer service, technical support, or sales. 

However, in either case, it’s advisable to devise and implement an action plan that helps to take full advantage of contact center (outsource or inhouse) resources. In this article, we’ll discuss some relevant factors that improve sales in contact centers. 

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1. Establish clear goals by campaign.

The first thing to do when drawing up a sales strategy is defining a series of key indicators that allow monitoring not only sales conversion rates but also every stage of the sales pipeline. This way, you can detect rooms for improvement and make changes accordingly.

Even though there are some standard contact center indicators, it’s important that you use those that can be aligned with your strategy. For instance, in inbound sales calls, average handle time (AHT) is a good indicator. On the other hand, in outbound sales calls, where the target is to convince customers to make a purchase, a suitable KPI is that which measures agents’ ability to overcome sales objections or create sales opportunities.

2. Select and train your representatives.

Telephone sales require extroverted representatives, whether outsource or in house your agents will need to posses a specific set of skills to win the trust of leads. Once you hire candidates who match the qualifications and put together a strong sales team, you need to empower them with a good script and comprehensive training courses that help them engage prospects and clearly communicate your value proposition.

3. Find the appropriate infrastructure and tools.

This is a crucial step. Apart from having a highly-skilled sales team and well-defined targets, it’s important that you meet the communication needs of representatives and customers alike.

Contact centers must be equipped with some basic tools, such as:

  • Comfortable workstations
  • Facilities that improve focus
  • Noise-canceling headsets
  • Adequate computers and hardware
  • Predictive dialing
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Call and screen recording
  • Call scripting
  • After-call work (ACW) management
  • Call disposition codes

In addition to these features, it’s essential that supervisors or managers have access to a real‑time monitoring dashboard and a wide variety of reports to assess operation in the contact center. To make sure your workforce uses the best tools in the market, you must study software options and their built-in applications so you can decide on the one that best helps you accomplish your objectives.

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