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Elastix Is Now a Closed-Source Software. What Are Other Options Available?

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Is your contact center currently using Elastix software and now you fear for the future of your operation?

Worry not!

Nuxiba wants to guide you through change and offer you advice on everything you need. 

Elastix 5 is switching from open-source to proprietary code.

Therefore, former versions, although still accessible, will no longer be distributed or supported and some of their components will reach official end-of-life (EOL).

With this in mind, we want to help you with a budget-friendly solution.

Discover CenterWare Total. This platform developed by Nuxiba features telephony and a series of functionalities that will enable you to embrace change quickly and easily. 

For instance:

What is CenterWare Total?

Compare Elastix with CenterWare Total

Also here, you can compare all features:

CenterWare Total vs Elastix

In conclusion, moving from Elastix to CenterWare Total is quite simple. Start enjoying the multiple benefits of our software with no hassle at all.

Request a demo here!

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