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Digital Technology in Companies


In today’s globalized world, it’s quite common that companies search for technology solutions that streamline their operation and help them adapt to the new business and service models of the digital era.

Technology has influenced almost every aspect of society, including business. Finding companies that conduct operations without the aid of computer tools, programs, or applications is virtually impossible. As a matter of fact, the latest advances in technology aim at benefiting companies by enabling them to perform tasks that were extremely expensive or impracticable in the past.

ICT in Companies

In order to remain competitive in this digital era, companies must be willing to invest in technology that allows them to establish a substantive value proposition aligned with their targets.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) encompasses a wide variety of solutions for storing, transmitting, and retrieving data. Therefore, it proves useful for companies’ day‑to‑day operation.

Companies must carry out an in-depth analysis of their existing infrastructure so as to identify the tools that better suit their needs and develop an implementation plan accordingly. To that end, it’s also advisable to consider industry-standard features and trends.

Data Centers

These resources allow companies to build a data backup system. They are crucial not only to IT workforces, but also to all in-house departments in charge of organizing and processing data assets.

Data centers can be owned and controlled privately by organizations or can be managed and maintained by third‑party vendors.

Cloud Solutions

Hosted services, also known as cloud computing, are a good option for companies that want to store information or work remotely from anywhere in the world using the Internet-enabled device they prefer the most.

Using cloud services is a practice that can optimize the workflow and increase the productivity of companies, as it improves their capacity to compute, store, and transfer information and provides agile access options.

Some companies choose the hybrid model to run applications both in the cloud and on-premises, which guarantees an uninterrupted and secure flow of information.

Customer Experience

Customer service has evolved over the last decade and experts now recommend focusing on experience. Since modern customers are technology-savvy, companies are required to draw up multichannel service strategies to differentiate from competitors and drive customer loyalty.

Apart from an effective service strategy, it’s important to use specialized technology that monitors and measures operation in real time to study customer behavior, and consequently offer an exceedingly good multichannel experience.

When deciding to use enterprise software, companies must follow appropriate courses of action and make sure their data management processes are compliant with all the security measures necessary to avoid breaches.

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