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Demystifying the Top 10 Myths About Managing Contact Centers

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If you are thinking of setting up or updating your contact center, we intend on debunking the ten biggest myths about running a contact center to help you avoid the major pitfalls.

But first to debunk these myths, here they are:

1. “Setting Up Contact Centers is Hard” –

A methodical approach can simplify the process and ensure that you get it right the first time. The key is starting with the right tools that make it simple. Nothing worse than starting with complicated and clunky tools and then simplify but contact center infrastructure doesn’t have to be hard if done right.

2. Difficult to establish Multichannel Communication –   

It used to be very complicated to provide customer service through different channels, as they were costly additional implementations that had to be made… Not anymore as the latest generation of tools have really stressed multi-channel customer engagement and have come a long way in coordinating communications across voice, text, and email.

3. Difficult to configure telephony infrastructure to mold it to your business needs

Inflexible systems that do not adapt to the needs of your business but ask you to adapt to what already exists in the systems.  Again, generationally, the latest systems no longer require you to change your workflows or limit your ability to make changes as most if not all of your changes can be done with a business analyst without developers.

4. It is a challenge to train and bring new representatives on board.

The learning curve of new representatives can represent losses in monetary terms, as these can last up to 3 months until they are fully prepared… This one is definitely not true anymore as the ability to guide contact center representatives has leaped forward with the ability to provide visual cues for every call thus simplifying the onboarding and reducing the learning curve for new agents, scripts, or campaigns.

5. Compliance is always a struggle  

Complying with all requirements specified by law can be a headache. It is necessary to know and understand perfectly what can and can´t be done. Regulations are a part of doing business in a lot of industries, but it doesn’t have to break your operations to keep your representatives on script and on-task.

6. Application Integration and User Interfaces Are the Achilles Heel of Contact Centers

Multiple application call workflows are always difficult due to system integration and user interface issues. Choose the wrong platform and we agree with this one; however, we believe that the latest generation platforms that use simple connectors, web services, and APIs have made systems much easier to integrate and simplify the UI for users.

7. Call Handling Times Can’t Be Improved

This one may be a push depending upon how sophisticated your operations are today. We can say that we think this may be a case that you may not improve your times if you are optimized, but we can say the amount of effort and resources to getting there can definitely be optimized.

8. Complex business processes require complicated call writing:

Agent scripts are a vital part of the call and contact center business. Although many times finding the ideal pitch to achieve your goals can take many scripts and many trials…Fortunately, technology has allowed us to implement these processes, to make them much more effective. Rely on technology.

9. Making changes to your campaigns and scheduling call flows causes challenges in your underlying data management 

Making changes in the campaigns, scheduling them according to many factors, can cause a big problem to the managers of these centers…Or it can be without the right system. Managing your campaigns individually from the same system helps us to have better and more control over them. Plus, by monitoring them you will know where you can and should improve.

10. Can’t afford an integrated solution like the big companies. 

All-in-one systems with social network integrations and that is also intuitive, is something that only large companies can afford… Today you can acquire solutions that are fully tailored to your business needs, without this having to de-capitalize your business.

10 Top Myths about running a Contact Center

Beyond the myths 

What if we told you that all the “myths” are not true and that we can make your lives much easier and your contact center operations much simpler?  

Beyond all the myths that exist around the complexity of setting up and running a contact center, in technological terms has had a great advance in recent years, making these tasks much easier than ever before…  

Some software can indeed make some of these problems happen, which is why you need to look for:

  • All-in-one system, with social network integrations (multi-channel)
  • Tools to make your operation easier (enable compliance, campaign management, predictive dialer, click to call, automatic dialer, PCI, TCPA, and many more) 
  • where the learning curve of your agents is short and effective, 
  • With systems that are friendly to your users

The best Joint to offer you the Best Solution. 

In fact, we make establishing a world-class contact center easier than you might have imagined. 

Introducing two great solution partners for your contact center success:

Nuxiba’s turnkey infrastructure solution for managing CONTACT.

CUE, the key to managing the simplification of your CONVERSATION. 

Together, control, simplicity, the power to shape your business needs, and improving your team’s performance to demonstrate a return on investment. With our solutions, we can offer you benefits such as: 

  • Contact center installation and implementation
  • Simplicity of system and data integration
  • Implementation of the new campaign and script
  • Flexibility for inbound and outbound workflows, groups, teams, and departments
  • Multiple system searches
  • Call resolution times
  • First call resolutions
  • Adherence to compliance
  • Accuracy of call documentation
  • Reduced boarding and training times
  • Equipment Productivity

With more than 20 years of experience in the market, let us show you why our solutions are ideal for your Contact Center.

Request a free quote here. 

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