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Customer Service During the Pandemic.

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Customer Service is one of the interactions that prove crucial for companies because it influences customer retention.

The recent pandemic has led customer service providers to adapt to new needs, which, at the same time, have given rise to new trends in customer service.  

Up until the beginning of this year, companies could run in-house departments to assist their customer bases.

However, due to the prevention measures that are still in force around the world, this is no longer a viable option.

What Has Changed?  

In order to safeguard business continuity in the “new normal”, companies are advised to outsource customer service to call centers.

Although it’s true that some companies have already adopted this approach before the global health emergency, some others are still new to the BPO industry.

The importance of operating with the aid of a call center lies in the fact that customer service entails multiple stages and factors.

In other words, customer service must be provided not only when customers make a purchase, but also before, during, and after the moment they buy a product or hire a service.  

Are You Prepared for the New Normal?

Whether you have already subcontracted work to a call center or not, it’s time you ask yourself if you are prepared to face the new challenges in customer service.

To be equipped to do so, you need software that supports your business processes and enables you to offer an exceedingly good service to customers.

What Do You Need?

What you need is software that delivers the best customer experience. Right now, this can be achieved by assisting customers over different channels that require no physical contact.

In addition to technology, representatives are a key factor in customer service, given that they’re the voice of your brand.

Their role is of the utmost importance because they’re responsible for providing customers with a great experience. 

The Solution 

Nuxiba has all the applications you require to manage each and every customer interaction with increased efficiency.

Our software functionalities allow you to reach customers with great ease, no matter their location.

CenterWare Total is an all-in-one service that includes VoIP telephony and software and is available on a metered basis, where you pay only for what you use without monthly license agreements or fees.


This model offers multiple benefits, including:

  • The best telephony rates in the market
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Training (Nuxiba cares for your well-being; you can take our courses remotely so you don’t have to visit our facilities.)
  • Integral services from a single provider
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Click to call
  • Preview Dialer

To learn more about CenterWare Total, click here.

Start interacting with customers through the channels they prefer.

What Does This Mean?

Receive and reply to messages from your customers with our social networks platform.

It features multiple tools like:

  • Conversation history
  • Quick (scripted) responses
  • Profile management
  • Auto-reply and chatbot
  • Offer the service that customers deserve and streamline communication while complying with the current precautionary measures.

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