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Contactless World: Solutions to Keep Up Your Customer Service Level

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Customers are increasingly demanding and more analytical when making a purchase or hiring a service.

Every time a customer wants to acquire a service, they analyze not only the price and quality of what they are going to contract, but they also consider the specialized and personalized interactions that companies offer as a crucial factor in making the purchase decision.

In this new contactless world, it is always important to maintain that level of service at the points of contact of the insurance companies if they want to retain their customers and attract new ones.

Solutions in a Contactless World.

The cloud

Currently, the cloud has become one of the best contactless solutions to continue offering customers the same level of service without compromising on quality. A tool like this allows operations to continue regardless of the location favoring organizational productivity.

Providing good service, makes the consumer want to buy or acquire a service with companies that seek to make him feel good and satisfied with their interactions, regardless of the price.

Give immediate attention

Multi-channel services: Today it is difficult to imagine a company that does not have social networks. It is important to know how to manage these media in order to provide homogeneous customer service at each point of interaction. A cloud-based Contact Center allows you to monitor each point of contact, to offer homogeneous and immediate customer service, thus helping you to take care of your online reputation.

The Digital Transformation Process

The impact of the pandemic has forced many industries to seek digital solutions in order to continue operations with the least possible change. And on the users’ side, we are increasingly looking for answers immediately and with the first interaction.

That is why it has become so important to speed up the digital transformation processes that help the adoption of tools in a simpler, faster, more adaptable, scalable, and functional way.

About the service personnel

Before acquiring a service or good, consumers require answers to their questions, advice, and someone to accompany them hand in hand during the purchase process, to make sure that, if they have any inconvenience, they will have the confidence to return to the company to receive the competent and necessary advice from a trained and specialized staff: Customer service representatives, who are efficient, trained and willing to advise them during and after their purchase. 

A cloud solution allows us to measure the productivity of each of my agents, in addition to having access to call recordings, thus ensuring that service and quality are always the same in every interaction.


4 reasons to avoid bad service

  • Loss of sales or customer loyalty.
  • 44% do not return to the place where they had bad experiences
  • 96% talk about their bad experiences with the services they receive from companies
  • Users usually tell their bad experiences of companies through different means. And potential customers are also based on these reviews.

An All-in-One Cloud Solution

Nuxiba cloud-based services provide you with immediate access to IT resources without installing the CenterWare Suite solution. Execute applications from anywhere in the world via the Internet and invest no more money in the acquisition and implementation of infrastructure.

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