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Contact Center Setup: What You Need to Know

Contact Center Setup

Setting up a contact center requires an appropriate planning of resources and means, as well as a highly-skilled and well-trained workforce. Nowadays, competition in the contact center sector is intense. That’s why it’s important to provide customers with integral services and secure platforms. This will create added value and make the difference. Here are some recommendations for getting your call or contact center up and running.


One of the main factors you need to consider is protecting your contact center’s information from unauthorized use or access. To that end, it’s crucial to draw up information security guidelines that classify data assets along with the in-house departments involved in their management. This way, you’ll minimize risks and vulnerabilities. 

It’s also advisable to establish rules on information disclosure and access levels based on the tasks of each employee or workgroup. With this, they will be able to configure tools and retrieve reports or other relevant analytics accordingly. By means of these practices, you’ll avoid data breaches and their consequences. 

Contact center.

Hardware and Infrastructure

You must examine all the aspects concerning your contact center’s facilities to guarantee high performance. Get software that can be installed smoothly and without delay. Make sure you meet the minimum hardware requirements for installation, such as those related to servers, operating systems, etc. 

The ease of installation depends largely on software license types. For instance, open-source platforms may need a specialist to be configured and customized, whereas licensed or proprietary solutions are normally set up by providers.  

In case you need additional functionalities like IVR or CRM, you must consider the expenses and time associated with their implementation and integration. Some providers offer platforms with these tools already built-in, hence they’re a good option to cut costs and expedite installation. 

Service and Support 

Another thing that proves crucial is analyzing whether providers offer quick and efficient technical support. Before deciding on a software platform, either on-site or hosted, you must check the terms and conditions of its services; that is, what’s included, billed, and guaranteed in the end-user license agreement. 

Most providers offer support services; however, to choose between one or the other, you must take into account their customer experience, whether they’re available on a 24/7 basis, and if they’re charged separately. 

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