Collection: How Do I Increase My Overdue Portfolio Recovery?

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The application of technology in the collection industry has become very important for those companies that want to do business efficiently and competitively.

The creation of alliances to improve work systems in an organization is a value chain that combines human and technological resources to generate improvement.

However, acquiring a service or product to achieve these objectives is a decision that involves a whole process of research to invest wisely. 

It is important to never lose sight of the fact that collection is an integral negotiation process through which customer service is provided. The company sells a solution to the client to solve a problem: its debt.

Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Client.

The need to strengthen the critical areas of collections in an organization and increase productivity and portfolio recovery by identifying, optimizing, and automating the issues inherent in collection management are some of the critical factors that companies face regardless of their size.

However, one of the main objectives when considering the implementation of software is not only to facilitate and see more effective the work of the agent or have a high return on investment but to provide excellent customer service in order to build successful relationships of mutual benefit and care for the image of the companies they represent.

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Customer Service

Nuxiba Your Technological Ally for Collection.

Nuxiba is a leading manufacturer with over two decades of experience in the contact and call center software development market.

This experience has allowed us to develop systems that facilitate the interaction of customers with the company, through the use of telephone and multiple communication channels.

Nuxiba, busy with the challenges that collection centers face every day, has developed innovative tools for effective customer contact, allowing companies to focus on generating a better and higher return on investment. 

Our systems have everything necessary to help your collection center more easily recover your overdue portfolio.

In addition, it allows you to enable TCPA compliance features such as

  • Preview Dialer: With it you will be able to see the number to be dialed, pausing between calls
  • Click to call: Which enables the TCPA Compliant Dialer, to have little human intervention, before making the call.
  • Auto dialer
  • Time zone validation: Validates the time at which the customer call will be made. If this is not between the allowed time (8 am to 9 pm) the call is scheduled for an allowed time.

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At Nuxiba Technologies, we believe in you and your business.

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