Collection Calls: How to Make a Succesful Call.


Making a phone call is never easy, especially collection calls. No matter how long your agents have been on the job, there will always be details to improve.

To begin with, we would like to recommend that if your agents or you as an agent are starting a new job, you should first review our article on outbound calls, it may help you.

Tips for making collection calls and not dying trying.

  • 1. Clear and well-defined goals.

To make a call of any kind and make it effective, first of all we must set goals. What do we want to achieve in this call? A collection call can have different goals such as obtaining more specific information or getting your client to take some action, etc.

  • 2.         Be prepared

Before picking up the phone (figuratively speaking) you should have all the information ready about the customer or the person you are going to contact.

Name, history, reason for the call, important payment dates, etc. This will prevent the client from getting desperate and hanging up the call before time.

3.         Remember the importance of notes

Taking important notes about the key points of the call is one of the best practices.

Remember to include the time and date as well as any promises made by the customer. Notes are very important because you can keep track and follow up with every customer you speak with.

  • 4.         Have prepared responses

It is highly recommended to have a decision tree with different paths and different answers for each answer your customer may give you in your collection call. This is in order to always have a productive call that leads to a consequent action. This action, together with the action of having all the customer’s data at hand, could also help us if the customer tells us that the invoice has not arrived to his mail, we could stay on the call while we send it again, this way we make sure that the relevant information is getting to the right person.

  • 5.         Follow-up.

As soon as you are done with your collection call, send the customer an email recapping what you just discussed, including any promises to pay. If after your first collection call you have yet to receive payment, be sure to call them again. In this call, you will want to remind them of their promise to pay and ask again why they haven’t. Remind them of the consequences of non-payment, such as reporting to credit bureaus or possible legal action.

Customer Service

Having an Ally Can Make it Easier.

Making collection calls can be tricky. You never know what kind of response you may get on the other end of the line. However, if you stay prepared and focused you will likely resolve any issues.

For most of this tasks you can always rely in technology, seek for a debt collection software that allows you to enhance your process. Get to know the options we have for you.


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