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Cloud Recording Systems

Cloud Recording Systems

Cloud-based tools, such as recording systems, are a growing trend in the business world. They offer many advantages, which include low infrastructure costs, scalable storage capacity, and remote data access. 

In contact centers, hosted software platforms are also increasingly popular. They can be adequate to specific communication needs and don’t need to incur expenses in maintaining IT resources or servers.  

These services provided in the cloud enable contact centers to grow steadily and expand their business into other regions, or even countries, as they centralize information and provide for effective, cohesive communication among all branch offices.

By means of them, contact centers can measure productivity levels, whether by area, campaign, or sector, and get the full picture of their operation. 

Cloud Recording Systems

Recording systems are one of the tools most commonly and widely used by contact centers. Since they allow to monitor calls and screen activity across agent workstations, they come in handy to analyze results and draw up strategies. 

Cloud recording systems

This type of applications must feature a given set of functionalities and be adaptable to different inbound and outbound campaigns. This ranges from debt collection and sales to customer service and advertising.

In contrast to on-premises versions, cloud recording systems offer a larger number of benefits; for instance:

  • Little to no infrastructure investment. There’s no need to spend money in servers or upgrade your existing resources.  
  • On-demand access to recordings. Contact centers can keep track of their operation at any time, from anywhere in the world.
  • Cloud storage. Hundreds to thousands of audios and videos are in the cloud in accordance with security standards.    
  • Multiple export formats. Files can be downloaded to any device in the format that best suits supervisors’ or customers’ requirements. 
  • Absolute, close control of operations. Recordings can be analyzed and reports can be retrieved whenever they’re required to assess service quality, average handle time, agent performance, and call disposition codes.  

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Cloud recording systems

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