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CEM: How Do We Establish Quality Relationships With Our Customers?

Customer service

This trend had been in use and working for several years, but in this new normal it is important to reincorporate it into our strategies and efforts.

Let’s start by defining its acronym CEM: Customer Experience Management. And it is defined as the practice of designing and reacting to customer experiences to meet their expectations or exceed them at every point of interaction with our company, thereby achieving much more customer satisfaction and thus their loyalty.

Building strategies to maintain a quality relationship with customers is not simple. It depends on a complex balance between the characteristics of each one, their motivations and needs, but also on the policies carried out by each organization.

When it comes to developing, designing, and implementing successful CEM strategies, it is important to consider a number of key factors.

Key factors to develop a successful CEM.

  1. Understanding the customer

What is the client’s motivation? Why how and when does he acquire our services or products?

There are clients who seek to solve their problems as quickly as possible. While others are more interested in establishing relationships, the better we can get to know our customers, the better we can develop a successful CEM.

2. Establish emotional connections with our clients:

The emotional connections are what help us to be closer and to build customer loyalty. The customer always remembers the “experiences and feelings they have when using a product or service. According to the study “The New Science of Customer Emotions” conducted some years ago by Harvard Business Review, customers are emotionally connected:

  • Are more likely to recommend your product or service
  • Much less sensitive to price changes
  • Three times more likely to repurchase.

3. Listen to your customers:

Currently all companies are looking to improve their customer experiences, have different channels through which to serve them, among many other actions.

That is why it has become complicated to differentiate yourself from the competition, that is why companies must strive to strengthen the emotional bond to build customer loyalty and one of the best ways to do this is to listen to what your customer wants.

Always ask for feedback through your communication channels and listen well to what your customers have to say about their experience with your product/service.

4. Always seek to delight your customer.  

Small details can make the difference between having a differentiating experience. Some tips that can help you are:

  • Constant training for employees with direct contact with the client: Constantly train your agents to provide a customer experience that makes a difference.
  • Make your customer feel unique: Value every feedback you get from your customer. Don’t forget to always send personalized thank you cards or greetings. The key is to come up with an innovative way to do these things so that they are not the same as the competition.

Customers no longer only look for the best product at the most accessible price, but also demand quality service throughout the process in which they relate to the company.
Therefore, companies that wish to maintain a lasting bond with their customers should seek to create a comprehensive quality experience, which should be a priority for the entire company.

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