Can Debt Collectors Use Auto Dialers?

Can Debt Collectors Use Auto Dialers?
One of the best and most used tools for any company that has a call center or contact center is precisely the auto dialer.
The increase of telephone numbers and databases has made the auto dialer an indispensable tool for all companies that make calls as their main activity on a daily basis.
This type of dialers helps companies to make one call after another automatically, saving a lot and effectively increasing the contact of their agents.
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The Use of Autodialers For Collection Companies.

Although they are tools that can greatly improve contact, you must be very careful not to violate the rules that regulate it.

Not all calls using an autodialer are illegal, but it’s important to avoid:

  • To make a collection call to a cell phone to a debtor to a third party.
  • To make a collection call to any phone that is not the debtor’s phone.

Of course, the law also provides exceptions. If the debt collector has written consent from the debtor, then the first rule is overridden.

For instance, if the debtor gave as the only phone number to reach him a cell phone, along with consent to be reached on it, there is no violation.

However, it is important to note that the debtor may revoke this permission at any time by notifying the collector in the same call the collector makes to the debtor’s phone.

How Safe is it For Collection Companies to Use an Auto dialer?

Autodialed calls are very beneficial for collection companies, as they allow them to reach a larger number of debtors with little investment. 

But this type of dialers must be used properly to avoid falling into a violation of the law.

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The Perfect Ally.

Fortunately, today there are many types of systems that allow collectors to make effective calls without breaking the law. These systems have benefits such as:

  • Click to call: It is a function that allows you to have human intervention in the dialer, with the purpose of complying with the law.
  • System configurable according to the client’s time-zones.
  • Intelligent system that connects you only with answered calls.

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