Call Center Trends

Call Center Trends in 2020


It’s the end of a decade of work and new technologies where communication evolves on a daily basis.

Today’s customers want to communicate with companies just like they do with others. This leads to changes in the call and contact center industry.

The means for communicating, accessing information, and interacting with providers of services and products have been influenced by the mass adoption of mobile technology.

With this decade coming to a close, it proves relevant to talk about the trends in the call center sector for 2020.  

2020 Forecast

Multichannel Experience

According to some studies, the communication channels used by agents will experience a series of changes in 2020. Undoubtedly, chat traffic will double and there will be a threefold increase in the use of social networks.

Results also show that video chats increased by 10%, while voice and email messages decreased by 25%.

This means customer service channels will no longer be managed individually but rather as a unit. In this approach, agents are expected to identify the channels where each customer interaction took place. 

The Nelson Hall study indicates that both user preferences and reduced costs will be the propellers of change in 2020.

Call Center Trends 2020

What customer service channels are a MUST according to the 2020 call center trends?

Web Chat: 

Based on the trends for 2020, this will be the second most popular communication option.

Social Networks:

Social networks will take the third place among customers’ preferred communication channels.

If you want to learn more about social networks in call centers, go to this article.

SMS Messages:

A survey conducted by Apple Software found that 72% of the interviewees prefer to send text messages instead of picking up their phone and calling customer service. 

Here is an article with examples of SMS uses for your company.

Super Agents

Analysts, also agreed that call center services in 2020 will be provided by SUPER AGENTS.

Undoubtedly, these super-agents are characterized by being highly skilled and possessing all the knowledge, expertise, and abilities necessary to understand, help, and/or advise customers.

What to Look for in Super Agents

  • Communication skills
  • Active listening
  • High cognitive load management
  • Customer service orientation
  • Determination
  • Resilience
  • Problem-solving strategies

Customers in 2020

Customers in 2020 will not only communicate over multiple channels, but also want concise, fast, and efficient solutions to their problems.

So, it will be crucial for contact centers to implement appropriate channels, train agents thoroughly, and, more importantly, maintain a good relationship with their business partners to adapt to customer requirements.

The Best Team on Your Side

Without a doubt, Nuxiba’s main target in 2020 is helping a larger number of companies to improve their business and deliver the best customer experience at all times.

Additionally, we’ve developed new commercial schemes that provide contact centers with everything they need regardless of the size of their projects.

We’ve also revamped our line of products and services to guarantee better communication with customers and agents alike.

Therefore, if one of your resolutions for 2020 is running a successful contact center that meets the current communication needs.

We invite you to learn more about our solutions and the technology we develop to keep pace with the customer service industry.    

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