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Call Center Script: How should a good Script look like?


We know that scripts are an essential part of working in a call and contact center, as we have reviewed in previous articles, are best practices for any type of call and contact center.

This refers to the introduction or argument followed by the agent to communicate with customers, and in the shortest time possible, expose the reason for their call or solve the problem exposed in the call.

Construction of a good call center script. 

To develop a good script to help us for inbound and outbound calls we can structure it as follows:

Sequence: the steps of the call must be well marked, for example:

  • Presentation: Greeting and name of the agent
  • Reason for call: Reason for my call
  • Product/Service Description: What do I offer
  • Advantages/objectives: Product/Service Strengths
  • Closing: Appreciation, regardless of whether the sale has been achieved, it is essential to thank the given time.
  • Farewell

Be very clear: Be easy to understand. The client should be able to understand, even if they are not paying much attention to the call.

Interesting: Arousing the client’s curiosity can open many doors to our final goal. For this purpose, it can be very useful to ask some questions during the call.

Formal: We must always forget to treat each other with courtesy and respect.

Although these steps are essential to build a script correctly, there are also other aspects that we must take into account.

To make a good script we must take into account what we want to achieve with our call and add a special tone to our communication.

A few extra tips…

Remember that what works today may not forever, which is why we recommend you:

  • Read out loud and rehearse:

Undoubtedly, it is of very important that once you have defined the script you will work with, you test it within your agents.

Testing your scripts on your agents can be excellent practice, as they can receive additional training, plus you may find some improvements.

  • Constantly test your scripts:

Once you have built your call center script, it’s time to test it. A piece of advice: never skip call center script rehearsals.

You may think you have the perfect script, but how do you know it works?

Rehearsing your scripts along with your agents, provide them with additional training, while you can detect mistakes in the script.

  • Keep it natural:

When building a call center script, you need to make it sound as natural as possible, and always reflecting spoken language.

Try to build a conversational-style and flexible script. Give your agents the right training so the can represent your business in the best way.

If you want more tips to improve your agents and your call center performance, download this FREE infographic with exemplary exercises!

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