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BPO Vs Contact Center


What is a BPO service?

BPO stands for Business Processing Outsourcing. And it consists of the process of hiring another company to carry out certain business operations.

A BPO company generally partners with another company to manage one or more aspects of the business. Companies typically use this outsourcing process to focus on other goals, like growing. 

The functions that a BPO can perform for a company are:

  • Accounting
  • Payment processes
  • Legal issues
  • Cash flow,
  • IT Services
  • Human Resources – Quality

You can also include services such as:

  • Support
  • Sales and marketing services

Having a BPO can help a company in its growth because while they outsource these processes.

What is a Call Center?

A Call Center is a centralized office used mainly to receive and transmit information and solve problems through various channels such as telephone, social networks, SMS, instant messaging. A Call Center is used for product support and to resolve customer inquiries. It is an internal department of the company where employees manage incoming and outgoing calls. These calls can relate to telemarketing, survey generation, customer service, order taking, and many other functions.

Checklist, Journalist, Women.
Checklist, Journalist, Women.

Which one is better?

Actually, there is no right answer, rather you should see what suits your business best and the stage your business is in.

Many companies prefer to have external services, as it helps them focus on growing their business.

Many other companies prefer to have a much more rigorous control, keeping their operations in-house and carrying out certain call center processes with certain levels of quality for their customers.

In conclusion:

Due to the pandemic, these concepts have become very common terms, this is derived from the increased demand for remote customer service. 

The difference between a BPO and a call center is what confuses many and it is easy to see why. It is important to mention that while many of the functions of a BPO are performed using a call center, the opposite is not necessarily true.

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