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Asterisk: What Comes After?

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Open-source software for contact centers is on the verge of extinction. According to experts, this alternative will disappear from the industry in the near future.

Asterisk, which has enjoyed great popularity among contact centers since its release in 1999, is one of the platforms that might switch to proprietary code. 

Its features available under the general public license (GPL) enable to:

  • Route incoming calls
  • Dial and connect calls
  • Configure extensions
  • Queue calls

Asterisk is widely used by newly established and emerging contact centers. 

Although it may seem like a good option for cutting operating costs, it has some disadvantages, especially when compared with licensed software supported by a trusted company.  

Additionally, if you are currently using Asterisk or Elastix, take a look at this article and learn the difference between open-source and licensed software

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