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Agile Methodologies for Business Success

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Agile Methodologies   

Agile methodologies focus on creating a collaborative work culture where the main target is to develop first-rate products that meet specific customer needs.

Although this approach was first introduced in the software development industry, nowadays it can help virtually any kind of business. This is to encourage organizational development and build stronger, more collaborative talent networks.  

Agile breaks projects into smaller, iterative periods in which a series of well-defined tasks. This method, in contrast to other traditional models, is based primarily on teamwork and doesn’t prioritize time. 

How Can Businesses Adapt These Methodologies?

Agile methodologies entail more than process management. According to experts, in companies that want to put the agile theory into practice, it’s advisable to start by changing the mindset of employees. This occurs mainly because most of them are used to work in traditional ways according to processes oriented to deadlines and massive production.  

It’s a common belief that a rise in production leads to better results. Compensation programs are thought to be the sole means for “ensuring” workforces’ personal and professional well-being. However, agile methodologies are aimed at changing such paradigm by putting employees before processes and quality before speed or massive production. 

Agile methodoly in contact centers.

In teams with agile methodology practices, productivity increases significantly. All members become self-motivated and feel free to both optimize workflows and suggest improvements so as to achieve more positive results. 

Agile tools are simple but effective. The most popular are visual boards, this helps the team to arrange their workflow, and help members to see the tasks in progress.

Through visual boards, coworkers commit to a common goal and get rid of hierarchies. Some methods can require team members to work in pairs or individually, as well as to complete all the steps in a development stage before moving on to the next one.

Choosing one method or the other depends largely on each type of business. That’s why they provide for constant experimentation and continuous improvement. 

Fostering a New Culture 

When adopting the agile approach, companies can develop customer-centric work culture. Through this, teams will be able to face the challenges of today’s digital era by adapting to changes successfully. 

In order for companies to transition to an agile framework, team leaders must fully understand its scope and effects. They’ll be in charge of learning about new collaborative work systems and implementing them on a daily basis. They’ll also be responsible for training their team members in the correct use of these methodologies. 

Experts say that transforming companies into agile organizations can only be possible gradually and pragmatically. To that end, it’s necessary to work with teams constantly until they embrace change organically.   

Nuxiba develops software platforms based on agile methodologies that meet customers’ quality standards. Our in-house processes encourage teamwork and apply the agile manifesto principles. 

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Agile methodology in contact centers.

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