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ACW: What is it and why it is important for your Call Center?


ACW begins immediately after the agent completes a call. It refers to to the tasks that she/he can perform once the interaction with your customers has ended.

As its name indicates, the customer is no longer involved in this process. However, ACW is still part of the interaction and is therefore considered in the Average Handle Time (AHT).

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Why ACW is Important for Your Contact Center?  

This process is a performance metric for contact centers. It helps us measure other aspects of call quality: if any doubts were solved if there is something left to address, add items to the FAQ, among others.

When calculating AHT, additional relevant factors, such as waiting times, transfers, or redirections and the subsequent time needed to process the call information (ACW), must be considered.

As seen below, each factor must be calculated individually before adding them to the AHT equation. It is important to avoid decisions made under the results of only one factor since mistakes can occur by not analyzing the complete picture. 

Here is a calculation:

For instance, if we have a very high ACW it could indicate the need to train our agents to make note-taking processes more efficient. Remember, increasing ACW implies surges in waiting times, therefore generating negative impacts on the client’s perception. 

How to Improve The ACW of Your Contact Center.

1. Train to reduce times

Agents should be trained to reduce the time they invest in taking notes after calls, using abbreviations or keywords to indicate details or actions to be performed.

2. Attention to detail

Agents must be trained to detect keywords that generally drive their actions and the most relevant information to be considered to provide customers with a quality service.

3. Writing effective notes for daily operation.  

Effective notes can contribute to the work of other agents since they are able to analyze how certain doubts and processes were previously resolved.

They can also be useful when designing and implementing quicker and more effective ways to solve customers’ problems while reducing times and guaranteeing quality service.

Rely on technology

Nuxiba Center Ware allows call center administrators and supervisors to enhance ACW times and set limits for agents to add their notes before going back into the available status.

Additionally, the agent can highlight specifics inside the call to record different doubts or useful key points for the improvement of customer service.

Also, Nuxiba’s software features provide your company with downloadable reports containing all the information you need to make informed decisions based on updated information.

At Nuxiba our mission is to help you, ask for a free demo.

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