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Achieving Success in Digital Transformation.

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The digital transformation is one of the issues that has been revolutionizing the world for some years now.

To have a successful company, it is important to consider that it is not only the acquisition of technological solutions but also the impact that this can cause in the employees.

To keep up with new customer expectations, companies must invest in technologies and assets that will drive their sales processes, product design, supply chain, human resource management, among some key activities.

The cloud, Big Data, artificial intelligence, internet of things, automation, design thinking, among others, are some of the many solutions available in the market where transformations are constantly taking place.

However, we must consider…

What Path Should Companies Take?

New technologies continue to be incorporated into the market but, why do so many digital transformation projects fail?

Many companies have placed too much emphasis on technology implementation without considering the impact of these implementations on employees at different levels.

Technology cannot exist on its own.

Without the right people and training in each location to adopt these new technologies, digital transformation projects will have a hard time succeeding.

Human-centered Design for Success.

Digital transformation projects that put people at the center of decisions are more likely to succeed.

We must remember that any transformation process, no matter how automated, will always involve people. Therefore, people must be considered a fundamental pillar of the digital transformation in order to better position the company to achieve success over time.

Cultural Transformation as Part of the Digital Transformation.

Executives must do their part to raise awareness of the unique needs of the digital transformation and foster a culture that will help the organization adapt and enable this innovation to be agile and dynamic.

To go digital, companies will have to go beyond simply adopting new technologies.

We know that the phenomenon of digital transformation is irreversible in the new economy. Companies must review their past initiatives and learn from their mistakes and successes in order to plan for these changes in a solid way.

Adaptive Digital Systems Designed to be User-friendly

In the digital transformation, there are key allies for companies, these are precisely companies dedicated to designing systems that are adaptable, customizable, scalable, and user-friendly in different sectors.

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