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PCI DSS why is it important for Contact and Call Centers.


Digital transformation has benefited many sectors, industries, and companies throughout the world. Today, for example, you can complete transactions pretty much wherever you are.

Despite the advancements and digital innovations, many companies face problems such as fraud, identity theft, and cybercrime, due to the lack of cybersecurity measures and personal data management tools.

So, to overcome said problems, the biggest credit card companies in the world decided to create the Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCI-DSS). In previous articles, we described a few features of this standard and their origin.

Why is PCI DSS important for the call and contact center industry?

PCI Standards regulate all sectors processing banking details and information. Companies are required to implement the best practices to comply with data protection, reduce vulnerability, and avoid being hacked. Organizations failing to comply will suffer negative consequences, such as: bankruptcy, bad reputation, and large fines.

Contact and call centers must comply with PCI Standards since they manage private and personal information from a vast number of clients.

For instance, these centers should:

  • Design, build and maintain a safe network,
  • Protect personal information,
  • Implement a vulnerability management program to update systems regularly,
  • Implement controlled access processes to personal information,
  • Check network safety regularly,
  • Design and implement an information security policy (Agents should only have access to the information they need)

PCI Standard Best Practices

Contact and call centers must implement certain standards and rules to secure personal data processing and storage, for instance:

  • Safe and unique accounts for agents and supervisors to help them control personal data exposition.
  • Ban mobile devices (cellphones and tablets, for example) from working centers.
  • Protect voice-based transactions with the PCI Standard.

PCI Data Security by Nuxiba

Nuxiba Technologies has developed a unique tool for contact and call centers looking to improve cyber and work center security. Among its features you’ll find:

  • Avoid your call center’s agents to listen to the credit card numbers and DTMF tones while staying on call.
  •  Restrict physical access to cardholder data
  •  Install and maintain a firewall setting to protect cardholder data
  • Restrict access to cardholder data based on the businesses that need to know them
  •  Encrypt cardholder data transmissions on open public networks
  • Assign a unique identification to each person with access to the computer
  • Enhance your clients’ trust and confidence in the services you provide.

Don’t struggle with external resources, obtain an all-in-one solution!

At Nuxiba, our mission is to help you.

Contact us today to learn more about PCI Data Security by Nuxiba and how can it help your business.

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